Monthly Archives: September 2015

Banned Books Week


Decided to do a few things different from your typical BBW display:

1) Focused on adult books instead of poaching from the Teen and Children section. They’re not the ones looking at the displays in the adult section anyway.

2) Explained why they’re banned, and where, and by whom. I think this is supremely important if we’re really going to open a dialog about it, instead of throwing titles up without any sort of context.

3) Chose mainly books banned by governments instead of continuing to slag on conservative parents in the South. Turns out they have nothing on 1930’s Australia.

And meanwhile at Library Numero Dos:




Frightening Fall Films


Sources: shelf reading, and my frighteningly vast knowledge of horror films. I do wish we had some K-horror and J-horror like A Tale of Two Sisters, though. Or Epitaph. Or Ju-on. Or Dark Water. Or Audition