About Me

Hello, I’m Lauren! I’m a librarian in small town Connecticut, and since November 2015 I’ve been working as a children’s librarian. I grew up in rural Pennsylvania right next to the Appalachian Trail, and I lived briefly in Philadelphia (go La Salle Explorers!) and then in Chicago, where I got my MLIS from Dominican. Connecticut is pretty different from my previous residences, but I’ve found a lot to like about it – burgers, mountains, apple orchards, wineries, just to name a few.

My coursework focused in archives and special collections, but when I started working on the front lines in public libraries I realized it was my sweet spot. There’s always something new to do, whether it’s helping a patron track down a book they saw last year, feeling strangely powerful when weeding the nonfiction, helping seniors learn how to use the iPad their kids gave them for Christmas, amusing 50 kids who showed up for a performer that cancelled five minutes before showtime, watching books fly off the displays I set up, getting in eBay bidding wars over pink LEGOs, or having somebody hug me in gratitude for a simple movie recommendation. Or because they’re 17 months old and that’s just how they roll.

Outside the stacks, I like staring at the birds that congregate on my porch when I put out seed, science-related nonfiction books, state parks, running outdoors, suspense films, Southern Tier’s imperial stouts, lifting heavy things, and playing with my ridiculous corgi-Malinois mix. I cook from scratch as much as possible, including my own ricotta and pizza dough because I’m crazy, and I love me a perfectly roasted vegetable.

P.S. – Chicago and New Haven do some great stuff with cheese and tomatoes and dough, but the pizza I crave the most is big, flat, and New York style.

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