Free & Fun eBooks

Last updated January 2014

So you’ve looked through the Library’s ebooks, and you’re hungry for more titles. There are plenty of places to find free ebooks online. Here are some good starting points:

ManyBooks – Over 26,000 free titles pulled from bigger sites like the Internet Archive and Project Gutenberg, then organized like a regular online bookstore so it’s easy to find something of interest.

Feedbooks – The site is mainly dedicated to selling books, but you can browse for free titles under Free Public Domain Books or under Free Original Books. You’ll also find some free titles by selecting eBooks under $5.

Open Library – More than 1 million free titles from places like the Connecticut State Library and Internet Archive. The best way to navigate Open Library is checking the “Show only ebooks” box located below the search field.

Amazon’s Free Popular Classics – For use by Kindle devices. As of January 2014, there are 571 free classics available to download. (Note: requires an Amazon account with a credit card.)

Barnes and Noble’s Free NOOK Books – For NOOK devices. Be aware, though, that some of these “books” are only a preview or are just the first few chapters of a book. Read the titles carefully to see if you’re downloading a complete book or a preview. (Requires a account with a credit card.)


Still hungry? Here are some more heavy-duty online resources:

iConn’s list of Other Useful Sites for Free eBooks and Audiobooks – The Connecticut State Library has compiled its own list of free ebook sites, with a focus on more educational and academic titles. They also provide free ebooks and some textbooks for students in elementary school, middle school, or high school.

Google Books Advanced Search – Google Books carries more academic titles. Select “full view only” under Search to get results for complete books.

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